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If you have any questions please let us know.



What is FLIPFLOP Clothing Co.?

FLIPFLOP Clothing Co. is a clothing brand that upcycles/recycles used goods such as jewelry, fabrics, clothing, bags, and belts. We use all of these things to create new and improved items that you can wear.


Where does FLIPFLOP Clothing Co. Get its materials?

All jewelry, fabrics, clothing, bags, and belts have been salvaged or donated. Materials such as thread, needles, wire are bought from other small businesses.

How can I get this in my size?

If you want something but it's not in your size be sure to email us at or click the let’s chat button at the bottom right hand corner of the page so you can let us know what we should make next. We will try our best to make what you request with the material we have.


Does FLIPFLOP Clothing Co. have employees?

Currently, FLIPFLOP Clothing Co. has one employee, the owner and operator, Sarah Roberts. Hopefully FLIPFLOP Clothing Co. will be able to employ more creators in the future.


A little bit about Sarah?

Hi, my name is Sarah Roberts. I am a teenage girl with a dream to start my own business doing the things I love: designing and sewing clothes, jewelry making, and most of all making people and the planet happy. I began sewing when I was 13 and discovered that there are no limits when it comes to creating fashion.

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