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   FLIPFLOP Clothing Co. is a slow-fashion, sustainable, zero-waste, and ethical clothing brand that FLIPs clothing that has FLOPped such as outdated and worn out piles of fabric. FLIPFLOP Clothing Co. was created to help lower the amount of fabrics and clothing that goes to waste in landfills and oceans. All of the items created by FLIPFLOP Clothing Co. are made from donated or recycled items. They are handmade by Sarah Roberts, the owner and operator of the company. Because they are created from salvaged materials, each item is uniquely made and a one of a kind!

   If you see an item that you would really like but it's not in your size, send us a message at Thank you for taking the time to read a little about the story of FLIPFLOP Clothing Co. Your support of this small business is greatly appreciated.

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Mesa, Arizona

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